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The astute member will have noted some changes to the course in the past several weeks as work has been carried out on the removal of several trees and shrubs.

To date, we have facilitated the removal of a large cedar that was to the left of the forward tee block on the 2nd, a large fir tree behind the 17th green and several olive trees were removed from beside the 18th tee. Other work has been carried out by removing a number of shrubs behind the 14th tee and to the right of the 6th fairway.


This is always the first question and understandably so. The answer?

It depends!

There are a number of criteria that a trees impact can be assessed upon. Each is considered on not only its own merits but also the part it plays in the overall picture.

Interference with  play (as was the case with the cedar on the 2nd hole) is a fairly easy concept for players to appreciate. Golf holes often have preferred lines that are best taken if one wishes to gain full advantage and…

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