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Why Do We Sand?

Firstly, apologies for not having posted much on here lately. As spring and now summer conditions have ramped up, focus has been on the course with many jobs keeping us extremely busy.

One of the jobs you may have seen us carrying out is the sanding of the greens. Sometimes referred to as topdressing or dusting, it involves a light application of sand across the greens which is then brushed in.

So, why do we do this?

To assist in producing a more consistent year round playing surface, is is very important that the surface layer of the green is kept firm and smooth. This is aided by the continual application of small amounts of sand applied approximately every 2 weeks.

Sand being applied to greens

Light amounts of sand are worked into the surface canopy to gradually remove minor depressions and assist in keeping the top layer dry. It is important that the amount of sand being applied is reviewed based on the time of year and growth. For example, you can apply more sand when growth is pl…

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