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Green Speed

No single aspect of a golf course seems to generate more discussion than the speed of its greens. So integral is green speed to some that an entire evaluation of a golf course can be based solely on the greens. Everything else becomes secondary and some other rather glaring deficiencies are overlooked (see ignored) if the greens are rolling quick.

So what is a fast green?

Well, its all relative and VERY subjective.

If you spend all your time putting on greens running at 7 foot, a 9 foot green will seem very fast by comparison. The inverse is true though if you play on an 11 foot set of greens then going to 9 will seem very slow. Also to consider is the degree of slope present. Downhill putts will seem faster while uphill will require more force. So if you spend your round hitting the ball well and find yourself past the hole regularly, you will come away with the impression that the greens were faster due to the number of downhill putts. Spend the day striking the ball poorly and you …

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